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The stage is set; hello & welcome!

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Hi! I’m so glad you are here! Let’s set the record straight; blogging is the kind of thing I didn’t think about too much. Fresh out of high school, I just entered into the world of unknowns and opportunities. Blogging was just picking up; gaining steam amongst mainstream culture (circa 2006). The last thing I felt the need for was a blog or to blog. Really, I didn’t understand the purpose. One day a handful of years later, I started to ponder blogs, blogging, and bloggers. I developed a liking towards the combination of a website and a place to share something with others. It sounded like a good thing. So, I delve in and researched, read, watched and listened. Enter today. After countless hours of thinking, curtailing, tweaking, brainstorming, note taking and idea generating, this is what I’ve come up with.

Anyway, enough of that. I’m here for you. I’m here to help you apply creativity to your life, through projects, but also through a mindset and an approach to daily, everyday life ‘things’ we often take for granted. I’m here to teach you how to find your creativity and use it. It could be buried under other stuff, hiding in the back of your mind, or, I hate to even say this, you might believe it is non-existent, but it is very much THERE! Offering up a different perspective on life is something I’d love to do. How about you? In the next post, I’ll describe where the title of this blog came from. From there, we’ll dive right in with the first project to stumble upon your creative sense. If you’ve already grasped it, even better. The project will only enhance it. Stay tuned!

I’m no martyr and I don’t think I brag too much. I am almost thirty and I’ve lived, but I still have a lot to learn and hopefully a lot more to live. I have, however, seen and experienced things that are worthy of sharing. These experiences serve as the foundation for the topics seen (and explored) here; they manifest themselves through this blog. Enjoy visiting, but please share your stories, your thoughts. Learn; learn to enjoy applying creativity to your lifestyle. Learn how to apply creativity to your lifestyle. One last note: for sake of not being cryptic, I refer to your creativity (or, for some, the creativity you may not know you have) as the ‘something good,’ or that ‘good something.’



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