What’s in a name?

What's in a name?

Pictures with these boots

So, the idea with the boots came from a website I made many years ago and the premise has resonated with me since. Long story short, the boots offered an unconventional way to share stories. An item I wore consistently, made me comfortable in my own skin and served as a staple in my wardrobe became the catalyst for reaching my inner creativity. Not only that, but maintaining a fun-loving attitude with a dose of humor through footwear is great! Footwear is vital for going places. As a wanderer, a nomad, it seems fitting to share stories through a pair of boots. Today, the boots still act as a creative catalyst. Appropriately, they serve as the face of this blog. Ultimately, their purpose is aimed to help you on the journey to find your personal unique spark.

Here are some facts about ‘these boots’:

  • In 2009 I purchased them from Getz’s in Marquette, MI.
  • The thing to note about UGG boots is that they can be worn ANYTIME of the year; the materials keep feet at body temperatures. UGGs offer the quintessential relaxed style footwear.
  • As a neutral color, they’ll go with anything. Even black pants! Do I need to mention how warm my feet stay in the wintertime?
  • The trend for UGGs caught fire in the early 2000s.
  • I wore the boots while living in 3 different cities.
  • They’re shareable! My sister and mom have worn them.
  • The boots played the lead role in my wardrobe for years. The significance of something so integral to personal style in fashion, but also to something that exposed the roots of my creativity is unparalleled. The boots were present during the time of my life in which I developed my style as an artist.
Green light = go

Green light = go!

Here’s where we begin. Now you have to ask yourself, what defines you? If it isn’t just one thing, person or place, that’s ok, but still look and figure out what those things may be. Keep in mind, this thing that defines you could have changed or may change in the future. If it helps to break it down further, do so. What defines your taste? Your personal style? Your attitude? Try to hunt for pictures of yourself with an item like I did here. See what you can come up with; you might be surprised! Note, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that my boots define me in every aspect as a human being, but they define a lot of what I have become because they helped me get to where I am now. They just happen to be the thing that helped my creative sense to come to fruition. In the next post, I’m assigning a project! Come back with the ideas you’ve generated from reading this post.

If you like to be prepared, come equipped with:

  • any images you are drawn to (photographs, magazines, etc…)
  • any items you are drawn to that can be adhered to something (fabric swatches, mementos, souvenirs, jewelry, etc…)
  • glue, staples, tape, putty or all of the above
  • scissors
  • paper, cardboard or some type of surface



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