Let’s write some things.

Write what you want, then you’ll like it.

Sometimes, you may not want to get crafty. Maybe you never really do. In that case, we can use words to drum up the imagination. Here’s another exercise from Nick Bantock’s book,’The Trickster’s Hat.’ Purposely be unrealistic with this one; be whimsical!

Pen and paper

Pen and paper


Step 1:

Add to this sentence, then put a sentence before and after it. Don’t stop writing, pencil down whatever pops in your head.

“The horse felt obliged to express itself by…”

Try it again with this one, “She could not help herself, the date was waiting…”

Lastly, this one too, “Elvira looked at her brother’s fast-growing…”

Step 2:

Now, try to link together the sets of sentences you’ve written by creating a story. If it helps, allow yourself half an hour to do this. See what you come up with!



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