Black/white collages, round 2.

How did your trio of collages turn out?

Howdy! I promise I didn’t disappear; sorry for the long pause in posts. On Saturday I was making awesome use of my time and photographing some must-see places and pieces. That, I’ll get to next! I also figured it’d be nice to have a few extra days to complete the collage project, if you decided to try it. If you need a refresher, see the post describing the black/white collage project.

Below are three I created and constrained myself to 6″ x 6″ squares (mostly). I spent about an hour picking the pieces from the pile of books, paper and misc. items I collected last week. Please don’t hesitate to share yours; e-mail me and I’ll share them here!

Black/white collages

Black/white collages


Childhood: black/white collage

Childhood: black/white collage


Youth: black/white collage

Youth: black/white collage


Adulthood: black/white collage

Adulthood: black/white collage

To add, I’ve got a tiny confession. I started a project about…4 years ago, titled ‘Catalog,’ that I never finished. Completing the black/white collages helped re-surface this old project and the parts I left uncompleted. I didn’t forget about it, but sometimes projects get put to the wayside to make way for bigger and better ideas. Although, life does have a habit of getting in the way too, you know? Now more than ever is a great time to finish! I am now held accountable to do what I say I’m going to do, with you guys & gals as my witnesses.

Now that we’ve immersed ourselves in a few projects and a non-collage exercise, what are your thoughts? What would you like to explore next?



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