Words & images.

We’ve got 2 exercises lined up, 1 with words & 1 with both words & images. Read on!

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Hats off to Nick Bantock, the exercises from his book, ‘The Trickster’s Hat,’ offer a mix of words & imagery. This is important for creative exploration, utilizing both sides of the brain to achieve an overall outside of the box mentality.

Exercise #1:

The first exercise involves just words. This exercise originated with images, but has since been refined using just words.

  • think of 12 words you like or like the sound of
  • split the group of words into 2 columns
  • the 1st column should be made up of words that have pleasing connotations
  • the 2nd column should be comprised of the words that sound or look good, literally (the way they’re spelt)

Ultimately, this exercise will depict whether the choices you make when you’re painting are more content driven or more aesthetically driven.

Exercise #2:

You’ll need:

  • pen
  • paper
  • magazines
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • source to find quotes

Research, go on Pinterest, look at quote books for quotes that stand out to you, whether it (or they if you want to explore multiple ones) is funny, bold, brash, black & white, super expressive, etc… Now, use the magazine(s) to find imagery, letters and/ or symbols that are representative of the quote(s) you chose. Play around with this, cut and glue to your hearts content or keep it simple if you’d like. Here are some example quotes from Nick’s book. My favorite is, ” ‘I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand,’ Charles Schultz.”

Check back in and share you’re finds and creations!



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