Halloween 2016: easy, last minute ideas!

Halloween offers a great opportunity to express your inner creativity in a non-traditional way.

I realize this post comes at an inopportune time; one day before Halloween. However, you can save it for next year or start your costume plans last minute, like I did yesterday! Dressing up as someone, or something else, offers you a chance of freedom from your everyday self, the hair, the makeup (if applicable), the clothes, the shoes, the whole look. This is an excellent way to exercise your creative and imaginative ideas and let loose! Jump on this one-time-a-year event and dress up, down, sideways or backwards. The sky is the limit!

Halloween 2016: easy, last minute ideas!Other benefits of Halloween costume creation and/ or wearing include:

  • practice with makeup application & hair styling for yourself or someone else
  • practice with color matching, again for yourself or someone else
  • practice with clothing type & fit, if that’s important for your particular costume pick (although many premade costumes are made with man-made material that feels fake and maybe even itchy, depending on the costume, you’ll find which cuts, shapes and forms of draping work for your body)
  • great chance to test out colors & styles you may haven’t before
  • if you’re really getting into it, practice with tailoring & sewing
  • idea generation for next year’s costume(s)!
  • the opportunity to put something old or worn to good use, or even use it for a different purpose (reduce, reuse, recycle)

No time or energy to put together a costume? Go shopping! Granted, you’ll most likely spend a pretty penny on a premade costume, it’s still a way to alter your look & person for a day, or more depending on how many Halloween parties you attend! If your budget allows, do it! Pick a costume that really stands out to you. Once you put it on and go out in it, you’ll feel transformed and adventurous. In this aspect, spending some money is totally worth the experience.

For those who want to venture out a bit, look at these lists for inspiration to create the costume of your dreams!

Ideas for traditional Halloween character costumes:

  • witch
  • ghost
  • scarecrow
  • black cat
  • vampire
  • zombie
  • mummy
  • clown
  • Frankenstein
  • werewolf
  • pirate

Take any costume idea and put your own personal spin on it; make it as scary, as traditional or as funny & light-hearted as you want.

Ideas for couple costumes:

  • Peter Pan & his shadow, Peter Pan & Tinker Bell, Peter Pan & Wendy
  • Superman & Wonder Woman or other superheroes
  • Shaggy & Velma from Scooby Doo
  • Mario & Princess Peach or any other video game characters

For couples costume ideas, use movie, TV shows, music, books and really anything pop culture related as inspiration. This year, my husband and I dressed up as Jess & Nick from the hit TV show New Girl. The details didn’t exactly mimic those from the show, but the idea still came through.


New Girl: Jess & Nick


New Girl: Jess


New Girl: NickIdeas for duo & trio costumes:

  • The Three Stooges
  • the Rice Krispie characters: Snap!, Krackle! & Pop!
  • the whole Scooby Doo gang
  • M&Ms
  • peanut butter & jelly
  • rock, paper, scissors

For these ideas, do the same as above, but think about groups of people or characters from movies, TV shows, etc… as well as popular products, like Rice Krispies & peanut butter.



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