Words & images, round 2.

Which words & images did you choose?

Exercise #1:

Words in groupsJust joining us? Check out the post explaining the exercises here. As apart of the first exercise from last week, the results of my exercise indicate that when I create work, I am more content driven (vs. aesthetically driven). Well, what does this mean? Content driven work is primarily built on the meaning behind images, symbols, hue combinations, shape relationships, size relationships, etc… Aesthetically driven work is primarily built on the look of images, symbols, hue combinations, etc… What’s the read on your word groups?

Exercise #2:

More collage-ing suppliesFor my quote collage creation, I stuck with Charles Schultz’s wise words, “I love mankind; it’s people I can’t stand.” Here are some pictures. Nick Bantock says that working with and using words and images together will work both sides of your brain. Ideally, this will help you find and use your ultimate something good; your creativity. Both sides of the brain working simultaneously will force the best of your creative senses to surface. If one side of the brain is working solo, your creative sense won’t have as much impact.

Let's use crayons here


Charles Schultz quote collage


Charles Schultz quote collage



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