Kaitlin & Cole, costume creatives.

1996s hit movie Matilda serves as costume inspiration for this dynamic couple, the costume creatives!

Since the last post about costume creation, I was fortunate enough to receive photos of a costume duo that I’ve never seen before. Kaitlin and Cole, thank you for sharing your witty creations!

This costume duo is a perfect example of sourcing characters from a movie to dress up as, and in Kaitlin’s case, play the role of the character in addition to wearing the outfit. As she says in a British accent, reminiscent of the lines in the film yelled out by the brash Ms. Trunchbull, “Look at this here, rotten, filthy animal child!” Everything from the hairdo to the bushy eyebrows, face mole, athletic attire accessories, sweats, belt and combat boots pulls the look together. This imitates the Trunchbull character to a ‘T,’ no pun intended. Principal by day and, by night, her true form takes itself on as a strong Olympian. Cole’s scared student look is easily achieved with a backpack, stack of books and a regular outfit anyone could wear to school. His expressions make a huge impact on the overall effect. Maybe these two should take up side careers as actors!

Costume duo

Images of the character, Ms. Trunchbull

Images of the character, Ms. Trunchbull, courtesy of Pinterest


Ms. Trunchbull costume

Ms. Trunchbull costumeMatilda is a hit film from the 1990s, based on the novel by Roald Dahl,  starring Mara Wilson and Danny DeVito. For those who haven’t seen it, visit this IMDb description for a summary. I’d try to explain it myself, but this does the job. Watch it if you haven’t yet!

For next year, or in the event there is a costume party before Halloween 2017, use your favorite movie as inspiration to source your costume(s). Using your imagination and being creative doesn’t have to be a lengthy, involved process. It’s all about perception. Just have an open mind and see what happens.



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