The changing course of an artwork.

This is a piece I completed in college. Its journey from ideation to completion was an interesting one.

First things first. This work would look best printed fairly large, maybe as a mural for a wall. It could be applied to fabric as well. In my opinion, the bigger the better. The hue structure is dense; it really packs a punch. If it is applied in large scale, the hue and pattern will visually be more spread out. The piece is busy, also another reason why it’d look its best printed large scale.

This was the first draft. The idea originated with collage techniques in mind. I love fashion illustration and I knew I wanted to incorporate it somehow. Bustling city scenes are included to evoke the sense of movement and many things happening at once, much like what you’d find in the city.


First stage


Here are the fashion figures before I added them to the collage.



There are more elements added and layered to this next one.


Second stage


And again…


Third stage


I took out elements of each image above and came up with this; the final product.


Final stage


Different elements used in this collage process were:

  • photographs
  • maps
  • fabric
  • graphite drawings

Making this piece was tricky. What you call writer’s block applies to this situation, but perhaps as artist’s block. At the time, I was pleased with the end result. However, maybe another draft awaits. Sometimes a work is never truly complete.




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