Try something new & caulk your baseboards.

Do something you never have done before. It can be anything. Just the mere act of doing something new will expand your creative senses.

First off, this might seem like a reach. I promise you though, it is completely relevant to the goals of this blog. It may seem like the topics are flip flopping, but that is done purposely. Today I’m demonstrating how to caulk baseboards. You read it right, caulking baseboards. By all means, try it for yourself or try something else you haven’t done before. Maybe you have caulked before and this will act as a refresher. That’s just fine. Obviously, I had to teach myself how to caulk before sharing it here. Prior to this, I caulked my living room and one of my bedrooms. It took many times though to get it right. No matter which tool you choose to use, creativity can flourish. Find your something good. Do things impulsively. Try something new.

In my case, I’ve started a few ‘new’ things I have never, ever done before, all at the same time. My husband and I bought our first house about a year ago. All of the carpeting and baseboards were ripped out. Then, new carpet and engineered hardwood flooring were installed along with new baseboards. Granted, I’m still working on house projects, the list of things I’ve learned is endless. The list of things, projects and tasks I’ve tried my hand at isn’t quite as endless, but it’s getting there! To summarize all things mentioned up to this point, the more you expose yourself to, the more of the unknown you explore, the easier it will be to grasp your inner creativity, your something good. The process of using tools you normally might not, the steps involved in certain processes will help your awareness.

Now for caulking! Let’s jump right in. As a disclaimer, I’m no expert. It actually takes quite a long time for me to caulk a room, let alone a whole house. Below is a short video of the process and some before and after pictures.

Caulking tools

Now, the caulking gun shown here is probably an older model. Hopefully you have a much easier one to use.

  1. WEAR GLOVES, the caulk is hazardous; protect your skin
  2. place the caulk into the open slot
  3. turn the handle and push up to secure the tube of caulk
  4. when ready to caulk, turn the handle 180 degrees
  5. BE CAREFUL! when dispensing the caulk with the caulk gun trigger, don’t press too long or caulk will keep spilling out, even when you’re through with the first baseboard
  6. turn the handle back to its starting point to stop the caulk from dispensing
  7. repeat each time you need to start and stop caulking
  8. note: it might be much easier with a more improved caulk gun; this one must be as old as me if not older…

I forgot to mention, before using the caulk, you have to cut the tip. Cut it to the desired angle you’d like it at. Here is a picture of mine:

Caulk tube tip, cut at an angle Caulk tube tip, cut at an angle

Before and after, baseboard caulking Before and after, baseboard caulking Before and after, baseboard caulking

Caulking baseboards, 101 from Kalli Payment on Vimeo.

These videos I’ve been making are very basic. I’m trying to teach myself. Please share your suggestions if you have any!

After, baseboard caulking

That’s all for now. Go and try something new! If it isn’t caulking aorund the house, what is it? Share your experiences with me!



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