Apply your skill sets in the real world.

Skills, traits, talents. We all have them. Now, what’s the secret to actually using them in everyday life?

If your situation is anything like mine, you may have a degree, but you may not have a job title that directly reflects said degree. As a freshman, I heard many upperclassmen talk about how they were taking jobs that did not directly reflect their studies. In addition, here is something to keep in mind-sometimes gained experience outside of the classroom can be just as important, if not more, than all of those papers and mid-term tests.

So, now college is over. You may be job searching or looking for the next best opportunity. Or, maybe you’ve been out of college for awhile and are going on to something new and different. What do you do?

  • make a list of all of your strengths, traits, skills, even things you enjoy and like to do or aspire to do
  • think about your past experiences-at work, school, or anything that can speak to your talents
  • now, think about each task associated with your list of experiences and evaluate your performance and what you learned
  • make your resume look the best it has ever looked, really put a good amount of time into polishing it
  • if you already have a job, make a list of the tasks you do
  • use this list of tasks and figure out ways you can apply your skill sets to them, you might have to think outside of the box on this one
  • ‘add your special touch’ to tasks and see what you come up with
  • if you’re looking for a job, look for things in your field, but you may have to get creative and look elsewhere
  • note jobs that have a broad enough range of tasks to fit what you have to offer
  • note jobs that maybe you hadn’t thought of trying initially and see how you can apply your skill set to each aspect of them
  • ultimately, look at what’s out there in the world and envision what you would be doing–how can you get to that point?

Here are some snapshots of my resume, for inspiration!

Resume, Kalli Payment Resume, Kalli Payment Resume, Kalli Payment



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