Don’t get discouraged.

Is everything in the media, online and offline, these days making you feel inadequate?

Don’t get discouraged! No matter where you are in your journey, it is certainly easy to falter. It’s happened to me many times. Instead of elaborating and focusing on different scenarios that could fit your situation, I’m going to focus on convincing you not to get discouraged! Take it from someone who has been there, done that. Let me save you time, energy and frustration. Things that we as Americans (and in some cases people) are exposed to on a daily basis do not resemble real life. In fact, most things we see are either altered or are only tiny snippets of peoples actual lives.

I stumbled on a great website and blog (Susannah Conway), which led to another awesome website I’ve frequented before (Lisa Congdon). Lisa discusses how ‘the internet is not real life.’ It offers a great perspective on the ‘reality’ of social media (affects on mood and self confidence) as well as an in depth description of her experience with Instagram. It’s especially important when accessing your creative sense to not become discouraged and not to compare yourself to others. Everyone is different, thinks differently, works in different ways, etc… Either way, you wouldn’t be unique without your own special self and ways of thinking.

Lesson of Today:

Don’t falter, trip & fall. Use the image of the rift below as inspiration NOT to get discouraged.




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