Dottie the doodle.

About a month ago, we decided to get a dog. She is a Goldendoodle and we’re calling her Dottie.

I should start by saying, we don’t actually have her yet. She’ll be coming home this Wednesday, December 28. In lieu of this, I decided to start a blog tracking Dottie’s progress, as a puppy and on. The website/ blog isn’t ready yet, but here are the steps I took to start.

When starting/making a website or blog (or both) you need 3 big things:

  • a domain name (url or address to the website/ blog page) Note: each page you add to the site will have the main domain name (url) in its address, just extra text to indicate which page it is after the domain name (url)
  • a hosting service (a place where the space for your site or blog is stored), there are many to choose from, but because I purchased my domain name from GoDaddy, I also used GoDaddy as the host for the website/ blog because they offer hosting services for WordPress platforms (my platform of choice)
  • a platform (this is what you use to add content to your site or blog), WordPress offers fantastic themes for sophisticated, sleek-looking sites; again, there are many templates to choose from, but there are also other platforms like Typepad, Blogger and SquareSpace to name a few

Whichever domain, hosting and platform company(ies) you choose to work with, choosing a domain name, a hosting service and a platform is relatively straight forward. The instructions are easy to follow. The hardest part is deciding which platform and hosting service is right for you! Some are geared more towards the more computer savvy, while others are as easy as drag and drop, for those who aren’t as skilled on the computer.

I do have a note about custom websites. If you have the means and knowledge to create your own custom site, go for it! I have little coding knowledge and, in my situation, the templates offered on WordPress are just as good if not better than something I could come up with anyway (probably better). Utilizing the templates available saves me time and money.

Here is a glimpse of Dottie content!

Dottie, goldendoodle




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