Overestimate organization.

It pays for creative minds to be organized, despite the stereotypical assumption that some creatives are messy and all over the place.

If you’re convinced you don’t need to be organized, stick around for a minute. The ‘spic and span organized lifestyle’ doesn’t exist in my world. I like to consider my form of organization different from the norm. As long as I know where my tools are when I need them and similar things are in the same place, I’m golden. Speaking of golden, my new Goldendoodle sure is keeping my hands full and away from the computer! She’s resting, so I can take this short-lived free time to post a snippet of thoughts.

Dottie the Goldendoodle resting

With all the different projects I work on, between the computer and off the computer, it is integral to keep everything in a designated spot. I think of this sort of like little spots of reference. So, image materials go in one spot, photographs in another, notes in another, etc… The more organized my materials are, the more efficient I feel I can be. Constantly working on and off the computer can cause organizational chaos, or lack thereof.

My goal for a while has been to become organized. I’ve been slowly progressing. The more that is added to life, the more I feel the overwhelming sense to keep an organized fashion. Now that my world has been tipped upside down, I’ve really been hammering this thought! Today’s goal is to do just that. There is no better time than when you’re at an organizational low to start the process.

For those exploring their creativity and expanding their horizons, try to start with an organized process of keeping or storing things in a way that fits your lifestyle and your habits. For instance, I have organized ‘piles,’ but I now where everything is.


Here are some initial ideas found on Pinterest, if you need inspiration. Image courtesy of The Huffington Post.



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