Welcome to 'these boots' blog

About the journey to this point.

Hello, my name is Kalli. Up to this point, consistent is not the word I would use to describe my life. It all started in Utah, my true home state. Then Colorado, Wisconsin, Washington state, Wisconsin (again) and Minnesota followed. If I could choose a song to pair with my life thus far, it would be “Miss You,” by The Rolling Stones. 2006 was the year of milestones; high school graduation (Lakeville, MN) and then college (Marquette, MI).

Within 5 years, I learned a whole lot and gained life-long friends. My studies included art & design, French and entrepreneurship. In 2011, the last semester of college, I met my husband, Tom. Apparently I didn’t lose the moving bug because, you guessed it, right after graduating, I relocated. This time it was to Charlotte, North Carolina. Tom followed suit and we wedded in joyful bliss a year later. Today, I call Michigan my home again, for now anyway. We live amongst Tom’s family who all hail from the area. My mom and dad, brother and family, and sister currently live in Virginia (uh, yeah — we lived there too for a brief time, I’ll talk about that later).

Here I am. Now is the time; I’m taking all of my experiences, thoughts, knowledge, ideas, learned skills, likes, curiosities, inspirations and interests and wrapping them up in this blog; these boots. My hope is that you will gain something from visiting, or, at the very least, be entertained with everything from whimsical ideas to thought-provoking activities to creative adventure-planning.

In college, I made a website about these boots. These boots I have are brown, soft and ultra insulating. They are old, worn and, I’ll admit, perfect in every way. They have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. As much of a trend they are, they’ve defined my style for years. However, the website was, at best, a good idea. The layout and the copious amount of information I squeezed onto it pushed it over the edge. The idea though, that was good. These boots laid out the foundation for something good. Only now, 8 years later, have I realized the true potential of the good something; the something good.

These boots serve as a catalyst in creatively drawing out a map of life’s journey, cherishing moments of the past while looking forward to the future. Personally, I strive to explore my passion for art & design and how it fits into everyday life. Use this blog to do the same or use it to focus on your passion (it’s ok, I won’t take it personally if you aren’t an art fanatic; ‘wink’). Most importantly, use this blog to explore life. Use it to help you shape your journey, no matter what your focus is. Use it to offer a different perspective. Use it as the forerunner for something bigger and better. Tweak the ideas and topics to suit you.

Let your creativity lead the way. Lacking creativity? Well, you’ve come to the right spot! The undertone of these posts can relate to any person, ultimately creative or not. Begin this journey by thinking about this: what is your story? Where will your boots take you?

Thank you for visiting, please come back again and again and again!



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